The Chemistry of Loves Hurtful Science

Homeward heavens she–

         The movelessness of her silhouette.

All sage and shadow sacrifice.

                  Shaled, she is shriven: yet

         In her ocean dance, driven to Paradise.

While I in my muddiment,

         my arrant errant thoughts attent,

                  Wind in dusty destiny:

                           One grasp which seeks to seize

                           Such motile mumblements as these.


What morrow midst awaits?

         What perfect abstract aphasia?

                  For our fuddle,

         What kindly adept auspice?


To scan the ballet barren,

         Yet prod an alliance

         From the chemistry

                  of love’s hurtful science.

Adduce from useless ashes

         Yet a diamond still.

And at last, affirm a passage

         of conscience through free will.



Winter 1988

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