Her Empire of Air

In the domain of balloon–

            Ever expands her empire of air.

Ruler is she

                        over all she surveys,

The importance of which

                        only she can appraise.

And truly, she is the only one to care.

            For, she alone dwells

                        In the domain of balloon:

                                    Her empire of air.


There was a time,

            not long ago,

                        when she was just like you or me.

                                    Not a trace of royalty.

                                                Her heart was pure and true

                                    And she always knew

                        The proper thing to do.

But then something

            happened to her.

                        She began to believe even dubious acclaim,

                                    Or any attention drawn to her name;

                                                Till her little world slowly grew

                                    Much too big for the likes

                        Of little people like me or you.


But the day is coming soon;

            The moment of quittance fires to heir:

The puffery of power

                        corrupts and corrodes

Stretches credibility

                        Until it explodes,

And nothing remains of the soul that once resided there.

            Gone forever,

                        that domain of balloon,

                                    Her empire of air.



Spring 1992

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