Child Awakening

My world crisises around me,

And shambles to withers

a willingness for function.

It upheavalizes calmsight

and frets joymoments.

Heartsting of loveknife,

steelglints the hand of betrayal.


The when of all whys

tomorrows and tomorrows

as pacepetty the sorrowdays pass:

Till relinquished grasp

of hollowloss

Mothers anew a child awakening

in a rose of wonder.


Miracle my destiny

You, who stranger my thoughts.

I vague an awareness of your touch

and outline the trace of your possibility.

All eyes green at your compare

That see your look of gladespair.

But I see the ponder you idea in

the mingle electric of your mindful pause.

And knowful, I glee

at all that remains

I still not yet see.


Spring 1985

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