The formulae of flesh:

The equations of desire.

The geometry of love:

         The square of a circle.

The intersection of two lines

         upon a plane.

How long is the time

         until they meet again?

Your eyes define my dimensions.

They create my volume.

Without them I am a point

         with no direction to go.


You are a shadow of another place–

I can only speculate

         upon its’ nature and its’ laws.

A beam of light stretches across space.

And, with constancy, it vibrates,

         Perfectly free of flaws.


My wishes stardust against the vacuous dense,

         and pause in utter fusion

         with the molecules of null.

My cohesion dissembles– I unglue.

Seeking but the gravity

         I feel from you:

To simply world my chaos into a ball of life,

         Vibrating light

         Across the empty night.



Spring 1985

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