Millionaire (For JSM)

Oh, what of the millionaire

   who lies through his teeth to the masses

     to get what he wants?

He is full of hot air

   and despises those dumb-asses

     who dine at fast-food restaurants.

He looks down his nose-

   as his opponent he slanders-

At the ignorant throng

   to whom he panders.

Bringing out the worst

In those who chant ‘America first!’


What of the millionaire

   in his Ferragamo shoes

     and multiple glass houses?

Throwing stones, unaware,

   of those with the most to lose:

     the rabble whom his ire rouses.

To veil his contempt

   with cackling laugh and pointed finger,

Toward the unwashed unkempt-

  whose deepest fears yet linger.

Leaving in the lurch,

Those who yet dangle from a perilous perch.


Yes, what of the millionaire;

   the babbling misanthrope

     who consorts with common paupers?

Whose suggestions in all affairs

   is to abandon all hope

     and become better shoppers.

To manufacture disdain

   for the treatment of a counterfeit plumber:

A shameless shill who plays

   to the dumbest of the dumb and dumber.

Bringing out the most

From those best susceptible to an idle boast.



Fall 2008

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