How can you fail

   to hear the cries

     in the street?

Perhaps drowned out

   by the raillery

     of your incessant deceit?

Steered like a rampaging herd

   of frightened cows,

     whom hang upon your every word

   and believe your hollow vows.

While you embroider and embrangle—

   those whom you claim to represent

     slowly strangle.


Give me your tired,

   your weary, your weak,

     and show them to the back of the bus.

Obstruct their god-given

   right to speak;

     though they speak

   for every one of us.

For all those,

   whom you choose to ignore,

     whose voice does not count

   for you anymore.

And, for this,

   your hateful campaign

     has now become

   an irremovable stain.



Spring 2008

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