History of Portland Rock

The History of Portland Rock

by SP Clarke.

An ongoing living chronicle of the Portland rock music scene circa approx. 1963-2000. This is posted here as a resource to show the rich musical history of Portland during the ’80s and ’90s. We are currently working on publishing this as a book so any additions to what is written will be appreciated.

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: The Early Eighties

Part Three: The Mid Eighties

Part Four: The Mid Eighties (continued)

Part Five: The Late Eighties

Part Six: The Late Eighties (continued)

Part Seven: The Early Ninties

Part Eight: The Early Ninties (continued)

Part Nine: The Mid Ninties

Part Ten: the Late Ninties

If you have any comments or information about the history to make it more accurate please post under the appropriate chapter.