Original music composed and performed by SP Clarke recorded between 1969 and the present.





Some New Spring

Original Songs

Walkie Talkie Live 1984

SPinPDX You Tube Site

A self-taught musician, SP Clarke wrote his first piece of music at age twelve: a love theme on piano for his girlfriend, Georgia. Shortly after that he saw Steve Allen on television play birds on telephone lines by converting their positions on the wires into notes and instantly composing a piece of music on the spot. Inspired by Allen’s creativity, SP began composing music from the phone numbers of friends. Teaching himself music theory from books of piano instruction his sister had received he taught himself guitar–utililizing many unique chords he developed by chance, by randomly fingering the notes of chords across the fingerboard. Not long after, he wrote his first song in 1965, “The Wind Blew All Their Love Away,” which owed some debt to the Beatles’ “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”

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